Scintillating Sex in Marriage Course!

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Scintillating Sex in Marriage is a three weeks interactive online course aimed at handling areas bothering on the mindset you need to enjoy sex, basic needs of both male and female in sexual relations and grey areas on sex that a lot of people have been scared to address.

It is a full three module based course specialized for both male and female with twelve videos, course notes, and other suggested text books and readings. It is easy to follow and even has creative assignments at the end of each module.

A lot of planning and resources went into the creation of this course because I wanted to make it worthwhile and it is my belief that your home will change if you can really follow the training module and PRACTICALIZE all you have been taught.

This course is only for people who have an open mind and are READY TO LEARN 

Who is this course for?

Scintillating Sex in Marriage - Online Course -
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What you stand to gain from SSIM

Keep your Home from Rhinos who are out to destroy.

There are rhinos everywhere sniffing out where they will attack. Learn how to keep your spouse longing for you and you alone. Finding joy in each other’s bosom will keep the side chicks/cocks away. 

When push come to shove, can you look yourself in the mirror and say you did all you could to keep your home, your territory? 

Access to 12 videos on sex and everything in between.

It is a full three module based course specialized for both male and female with twelve videos, course notes, and other suggested text books and readings. It is easy to follow and even has creative assignments at the end of each module.This course is only for people who have an open mind and are READY TO LEARN and throw off beliefs that are not empowering, which has been held on to over the year

Overcome Sexual Abuse Memories

Have you been bound by memories of previous sexual abuse and exploitation in your past. Is that affecting your sexual relations with your spouse. this course will help you overcome the thoughts and hunting memories from the past. Come learn how easy it is to put your past behind you by understanding deeper the way the brain works. You were made to shine on bed. Your past shouldn’t stop you from doing just that,

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This course’ actual price is $99 and much more with all the huge added value you will get from being a part of the course.
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Satisfy your cravings

Have you  felt that something was missing in your sexual life. Have you felt you wanted to express yourself and reclaim your sexual prowess but didn’t just know how. Have you felts your needs are not being met and your sexual urges are not satisfied. In this course you will discover how you can be ever satisfied with your spouse sexually. How you can be yourself, whoever you are, and still enjoy sex to satisfaction with your spouse. Rediscover passion and allow me to clear the debris keeping you from maximum enjoyment.

Train the trainer

Do you feel like you have a calling or a purpose to help others. Are you a community leader, Coach or  even Clergy who people look up to to get sexual preparation for marriage. This course will open your eyes to more information you might not have been privy to.

We learn more everyday, as a coach I take a lot of training courses even in my field, because there is no better way to make my marriage better than to learn new things to make it better.  . 

Change your life
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Get access to videos courses for one full year

It is a full three module based course specialized for both male and female with private coaching, course materials/notes, and other suggested text books and readings.


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Free Resource

Emotional Trauma Solution

Free resource on how to handle emotional wounds and traumas. Short concise steps to emotional healing.(For those who have gone to emotional/Sexual trauma)

Coach on duty


A direct access to me on other areas in your marriage that you need help on, including areas not relating to Sex.I will be available to answer your questions. Booking me for one on one coaching does not come cheap, you know.

New Friends

Join A Larger Community

Joining this course gives you access to a community who are most likely experiencing the same thing you might be going through. Come get access to a community who wouldnt judge you but help you along the way


To fire up your bed

You would have access to different ideas on how to woo your spouse again, especially the steps to take that will ensure they never forget the experience you give them, ever.


Get my free Ebook

You will get my free book on ways to spice up sex in your marriage if you have not gotten it yet. I have got a lot of testimonials from people who the book has touched and changed.


Discover your Fire

Regardless of what you have been told, i want to tell you that you carry a lot of sexual fire in your bones. Let me clear out the debris entrenched in your brain and bring out a new you.


About me:

I am a Certified Life Coach, a Results Consultant, an Emotional Therapist and a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming with over 10 years of experience in relationship coaching. Specialized in public speaking,  mood Disorders Reprogramming, Relationship Counselling, Stress Management and Sexual Therapy. I provide personalized counselling services especially in areas relating to Relationship, Sex and Marriage. She is the host of the YouTube Show “LoveTalks with Ronke”. I have spoken to thousands of singles and married in live events, at over 50 events and various online platforms. I am the lead coach of Scintillating Sex in Marriage, I have helped several clients find fulfilment in their sexual life with their spouses through this coaching course. 


Reviews from previous students

Before the end of the class, I became a pro. With the well of knowledge I tapped from the class, I no longer wait for hubby to initiate lovemaking or wait for a perfect timing (which might probably take forever due to our present busy lives). It didn't take long for my husband to notice the remarkable changes. He'll tease me by saying things like “ what has gotten into you this days”. & my response with my eyes rolling is usually, “ you like or you love the changes?” He'll pull me closer & say “ I LOVE the change”. That pull is always my signal that IT IS going down soon....
Tosin Elegbe
All I can say is that the Sex course changed my wife's life. I have been complaining about her approach to sex for a long time. She told me she wanted to join a paid course. I laughed at her and told her she would be scammed because I am always skeptical about online things. She still went ahead and joined the course. All of a sudden I noticed some changes in her. It was the fire in her eyes. A determination and quiet resolve to get our marriage on the move again, At first she was shy but I noticed she asked me one night if I wouldn't mind practicing the assignment she was given in class with her. Off course I am always ready, I told her. Surprisingly she would tell me what to do and I would do it. Along the line she couldn't explain the assignment to me again as her moans and whimpers took over.
Donald Harry
I learnt the importance of forgiveness & how having a great sex life is dependent on how united I am with hubby. I learnt how to have a positive, resourceful & open communication with my best friend. I discovered how to master my own body & that of Le Boo towards our sexual satisfaction. Now the big O comes so easy (it's magical)!
Ruth Hargrave

Course Investment to your marriage

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