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Its been a while on these streets and this is me saying hi and sharing with you a message of encouragement that kept me doing what I am doing now. At a particular point in my life, I felt there was no use talking about relationships and marriage. I felt there were more important things I could do to make a difference in the world. I realized I was underappreciated and a lot of people don’t attach importance to their relationship or Marriage. They preferred running after things that could bring them physical money.

In my brooding and moping, a friend shared a link of a video on Youtube that changed my perspective forever, I will also be sharing the video with you today. I believe some of you might have watched the video already but it was about a research in Harvard University that lasted for over 75 years and is still ongoing The research started in the early ’30s and brought out a lot of revelation that when summarised means that the quality of our life and the happiness we will ever derive from life are tied to the relationships we keep.

It was alarming that people who have healthy relationships and marriages ended up being healthier physically and lived longer than people who were lonely. As we all know you can be lonely even in a crowd or lonely in a marriage. If you are married and you still feel lonely, then it’s a pointer that you need to do something about it. The majority of those who get divorced will tell you they just grew apart. Many of them don’t have a particular reason for dissolving the marriage. It was a series of little things that kept piling up. the process starts from Love-declining romance- to anger- to arguments -to strife- to nonchalance and indifference- meeting someone new- adultery- to guilt- to dissolving the marriage. Don’t ever let yours go through these ranks. Nip it in the bud. protect your marriage by keeping the romance fire aglow always. 

The research also talks about the power of community, having people in your life that you know you can depend on. Aside from people you just talk to on-screen, you have to have a set of people in your corner. People who will stand for you because they believe in you. Family relationships are great. Don’t shut out your family just because you got married. Let your children know their cousins even if you are not in the same country. Have family Whatsapp groups, it keeps the connection. Lastly don’t take your affection off your spouse because you now have children. Keep the sexual fire burning. Sex is marriage, it has a bonding and gluing power that any other activity cannot match, ever.

This is a link to the video I promised

I also want you to help me share the free book on my site. My goal is to gift the book to 5,000 married people and only about 700 people have downloaded it yet, Will you help me. Just help share with a friend, the couples WhatsApp group in your church. and any married person on your phone. The link is

To a more scintillating and fulfilling life,

Love is greatest,

Ronke Taiwo 

Ronke Taiwo is the Lead Coach at Scintillating Sex in Marriage Course, an online platform for gaining sexual satisfaction in marriage. She specializes in Emotional Intelligence Therapy, Mood Disorders Reprogramming, Relationship Counselling, Stress Management & Sexual Therapy. Ronke is an avid writer, sort after speaker & bestselling author

Aderonke Taiwo

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