Scintillating Sex in Marriage Course – Pre-Launch Sales


Scintillating Sex in Marriage Course


Scintillating Sex in Marriage is a four week course to a different Sexual relationship between you and your spouse. It handles areas bothering on the mindset you need to enjoy sex, basic needs of both male and female in sexual relations and grey areas on sex that a lot of people have been scared to address e.g oral sex…..e.t.c

It is a full three module based course specialized for both male and female with twelve videos, course notes, and other suggested text books and readings. It is easy to follow and even has creative assignments at the end of each module.

A lot of planning and resources went into the creation of this course because I wanted to make it worthwhile and it is my belief that your home will change if you can really follow the training module and PRACTICALISE all you have been taught.

This course is only for people who have an open mind and are READY TO LEARN and throw of beliefs that are not empowering held on to over the years


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